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Supply Lists

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 Open Studio with Laurie Mann  Mann
 Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain  Larson
 Vacation Sketching  Larson
 Pastel Portraits  Larson
 Gesture, Volume, Giacometti 1 + 2  Amman
 Realism to Abstraction  Amman
 Beginning Charcoal Drawing Workshop (coming soon!)  Amman
 Drawing I—Long Form  Fowler
 Drawing I—Long Form  Falconer
 Drawing I—Long Form  Mann
 Drawing I—Long Form  Borrelli
 Sketching the Museum Without Walls (coming soon!)  Wolfson-Smith
 Life Drawing I  Thornberry
 Life Drawing I + II  Everett
 Portrait Drawing  Wade
 Drawing Complex Textures  Mann
 Composition  Thornberry
 Colored Pencil "Painting"  Falconer
 Botanical Illustration  Gaston
 Bird Illustration  Falconer
 Animal Illustration  Falconer
 Drawing From Nature  Amman
 Storytelling with Mixed Media Drawing  Borrelli
 En Plein Air: Field Studies  Daniel
 En Plein Air: Identifying Values  Daniel
 Painting Large  Wade
 Plein Air to Studio  Montignani
 Explore the Still Life of Giorgio Morandi  Montignani
 Still Life: Skills, Drills, and Excercises  Daniel
 Still Life: Processes and Studies  Daniel
 Stretch Your Canvas, Prepare Your Paper  Montignani
 20 Oil Techniques  Gaston
 Painting I—Long Form  Wade
 Painting I—Long Form  Yeager
 Painting I—Long Form  Fowler
 Painting I—Long Form  Hoyt
 Painting I—Long Form  Wolfson-Smith
 Painting I—Short Form B  Gaston
 Painting I - Short Form Extended  Gaston
 Portrait Painting  Larson
 Portrait Painting  Wade
 Figurative Abstraction  Yeager
 Abstract Painting  Montignani
 Nature and Abstract Painting  Hoyt
 Mixed Media Painting  Montignani
 Painting 1.5  Wade
 Painting 1.5  Gaston
 Magnificent Acrylics  Wade
 Exploring Cezanne  Montignani
 Exploring Hockney  Montignani
 Exploring Hans Hoffman  Montignani
 Exploring Anselm Kiefer  Montignani
 Painting with Hand-Dyed Paper  Montignani
 Cubist Painting  Montignani
 Freedom in Painting  Montignani
 Abstract Painting 1.5  Montignani
 Abstract Painting 2.0  Montignani
 Landscape to Abstract  Wade
 Mixed Media Painting 1.5  Montignani
 Color for Painters  Gaston
 Toward Mastering Color  Montignani
 Pointillism, Color, and the Eye  Montignani
 Acrylic Encaustics  Montignani
 Dynamic Composition  Montignani
 Exploring O'Keeffe  Montignani
 Exploring Rauschenberg  Montignani
 Jumpstart Your Watercolor  Kemp
 Jumpstart Your Watercolor  Mitchell
 Watercolor: Basics and Beyond  Kemp
 Watercolor: Basics and Beyond  Mitchell
 Watercolor: Luscious Landscapes  Kemp
 Miniature Magic  Hallenbeck
 Big Brushes  Hallenbeck
 Floral Studies in Watercolor  Kemp
 Watercolor Wisdom  Kemp
 Watercolor with Design in Mind  Hallenbeck
 Watercolor Design  Hallenbeck
 Painting People with Watercolor  Hallenbeck
 Children's Book Illustration  Mitchell
 Collage Like Hannah Hoch  Montignani
 Creating with Collage  Leider
 Cubist Collage  Montignani
 Exploring Joseph Cornell  Montignani
 Collage Like Matisse  Montignani
 Mosaic Art I   Sonnenberg
 Mosaic Art I   Borne
 Mosaic Art II  Sonnenberg
 The Decorated Platter  Hill
 Beginning Ceramics + Beginning and Beyond  Hill
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Owens
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Jackson
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Hill
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Mencini
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Corney
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Douglass
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Grafa
 Wheelthrowing and Beyond  Christie
 Wheelthrowing with Soda and Raku Finishes  Jackson
 Sculptural Ceramics  Christie
 Ceramic Sculpture I   Douglass
 Sculptural Expressions  Tisdale
 Throwing Duplicate Pots (coming soon!)  Owens
 Intermediate Throwing and Glazing  Owens
 Intermediate Throwing and Glazing  Sheldon
 Slip Casting and Mold Making  Christie
 Functional Pottery: Form and Surface  Mencini
 Saucy Pouring Pots  Hill
 Stone Sculpting  Puemape
 Erasure: Visual Art, Text, and Absence  Rodenbiker
 Weaving for Beginners  Carmel
 Weaving Beyond Basics  Carmel
 Iphoneography (app list)  Weyandt